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How do I get more bang for my buck?

Apply your Antifoul, un-thinned, sprayed. Better!
Antifoul is easy to understand! There are three major types & grades of antifoul. Ablative, hard semi ablative/self polishing & high grade self polishing antifoul. The paints all differ in price and performance. Hibiscus Marine Coatings can diagnose a long or short term solution for your boat.

We have the experienced staff with a dedicated Antifoul team who remove, prepare, re-apply and restore antifouling on all types of vessels from steel, wood, fibreglass and more.

3CansHibiscus Marine Coatings offer SeaHawk's 'One Year Warranty'!

SeaHawk have been around since 1978, they know how to make great Antifoul paint! Although newly added to the New Zealand market their paints are having great success in our waters. So much in fact that the are partnering with Hibiscus Marine Coatings to offer their world wide *'One Year Warranty'. Conditions do apply but if you have been around boats you will know this is a fantastic offer. Contact us here.

antifoul-shed DD“Don’t cut corners when you don’t need to!”

Our antifoul service can be tailored to a price you can afford - from the rock bottom price you would get from the guys operating out of a van, right through to the higher end jobs for greater levels of antifouling protection.

Give us the opportunity to prove to you why Hibiscus Marine Coatings is hands down the best option to fulfil your antifoul needs. Don’t cut corners when you don’t need to.  Antifoul quality can vary hugely from painter to painter - from the quality of the actual paint used through to the thickness put on your boat; from the skill in preparation through to the method of application.

“We service the entire Auckland region.”

Request a highly competitive Hibiscus Marine Coatings. Call us on +64 9 428 3906 or complete the quote form at the top-right of this page.

Why is Antifouling Extremely Important?

So a barnacle baby finds a nice-looking place to call its home, lands head-first and releases cement out of its antennae. If the cement manages to stick to your hull, this barnacle will then grow, releasing more and more cement. It spends its life stuck to your hull, flapping its legs about in a ‘hand-stand' position!

Barnacles and other fouling on a boat's hull will slow it down and add considerably to the fuel bill because of the drag. Of even more concern for many yacht owners is the corrosive effect these marine organisms can have on the hull, potentially compromising the structural integrity or longevity of the yacht.

Chemists have developed antifoul paints that deter barnacle babies from settling.  These paints reduce or eliminate any marine growth that develops on your boat's underwater surfaces. Antifouling paints do this by using chemicals that slowly release during the season to repel underwater aquatic life.

While antifouling is a relatively complex job, we have specialist knowledge and experience in removing the existing fouling from your hull, and applying a top quality antifouling coating for a highly competitive price.  Although we paint a lot of high-end prestigious yachts, Hibiscus Marine Coatings' core business is servicing the full range of boats, including antifouls, from small to big, in Auckland’s marinas.  

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you why we believe Marine Coatings is hands down the best option to provide you with your next antifoul - so call now for a no obligation free quote!

Give us the opportunity to prove to you why Hibiscus Marine Coatings is hands down the best option to fulfil your antifoul needs. Request a highly competitive quote from Hibiscus Marine Coatings
Call us on +64 9 428 3906 or complete the quote form at the top-right of this page.



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