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Restore your boat to its original showroom shine!

Mirror cut and polish finishOne of the most cost effective ways to make a ‘WOW’ impact to your yacht is to have it cut & polished. Over time the gel coat surface of your yacht will erode - losing the stunning original high gloss look & becoming oxidised, faded, cracked, discoloured & chalky.

Most boat owners are aware of this. Most are also aware of the need to cut & polish. However it is important to understand the process involved & how to differentiate between a supplier that can provide a high quality, long lasting service that will extend the life of your paint job vs a poor service that lasts only a matter of months before returning to its dull faded state.

Achieving a quality result

Perhaps quite deceptively, cutting & polishing actually involves three basic steps - in addition to the cut, the polish there is a final important step of waxing the surface. While this process can be performed (poorly) by almost anyone, an experienced professional using high quality products will make a huge difference.

If you have ever noticed swirl marks or bad fading on the surface of a boat, this is usually a sure sign of operator error, or ‘corner cutting’ where some of the later steps have been skipped. In some cases, providers will only perform the cutting, and then ignore the final two steps to keep costs down. While this may look good initially when you get the yacht back, it will only last 3-6 months outside before returning back to that same dull and faded surface - leaving you to stare down the barrel of repeating the whole process.

There is no ‘easy way’ or shortcut to getting a top quality finish. The process needs to be followed right through, and be performed by an experienced professional, using quality tools and materials.

The Hibiscus Marine Coatings approach

Cut & polish finishFortunately we have teams at Hibiscus Marine Coatings that specialise in restoring that original showroom shine to your lovely yacht. Over years of tweaking & tuning, we have perfected our approach, techniques, and the equipment we use to achieving a stunning gloss mirror-like finish - as shown in the pictures below.

We don’t cut corners and use strong durable paste waxes that, while being more difficult to apply, do a significantly better job of protecting your existing paint than a liquid based wax. This keeps your final coating shiny, waterproof, and resistant to UV light - ensuring our cut and polish will keep your boat looking fantastic for years to come.

A Hibiscus Marine Coatings cut & polish is a great step to take if want to spruce up your boat without the cost of a full repaint. We will often have clients making use of this along with the wax & application of new graphics, to take years off the look of their boat - leaving it with something that looks significantly more modern.

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