About us

Hibiscus Marine Coatings are a team of talented boat painters specialising in boats up to a maximum size of 100ft (or 100 tonne).

The Facilities:

We are located in the Gulf Harbour Marina off Laurie Southwick Parade.

We utilize Gulf Harbour Marina's facilities including:

  • 35 tonne and 100 tonne travel lift, lifting boats with up to 7.9 metre beams
  • 1500sqm sealed hardstand
  • Cafe & Chandlery onsite
  • Long term hardstand storage including shrink wrap tenting

Our Hibiscus Marine Coatings onsite facilities include:

  • Shed with fire proof lights and full paint extraction system
  • WIFI for customers using the shed facility for repaints
  • Full professional touch-up colour mixing bank
  • Storage when your yacht is getting repainted
  • State of the art Compressor/Dryer in sheds
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