Cut & Polishing

Restore your boat to its original showroom shine and save on repainting!

Over time the gel coat surface of your yacht will erode - losing the stunning original high gloss look & becoming oxidised, faded, cracked, discoloured & chalky.

Most boat owners are aware of this. Most are also aware of the need to cut & polish. However, it is important to understand the process involved & how to differentiate between a supplier that can provide a high quality, long lasting service that will extend the life of your paint job vs a poor service that lasts only a matter of months before returning to its dull faded state.

Fortunately, we have teams at Hibiscus Marine Coatings that specialise in restoring that original showroom shine to your lovely yacht. Over years of tweaking & tuning, we have perfected our approach, techniques, and the equipment we use to achieving a stunning gloss mirror-like finish.

We don't cut corners and use strong durable paste waxes that, while being more difficult to apply, do a significantly better job of protecting your existing paint than a liquid based wax. This keeps your final coating shiny, waterproof, and resistant to UV light - ensuring our cut and polish will keep your boat looking fantastic for years to come.

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