Antifouling / Propspeed


Give us the opportunity to prove to you why Hibiscus Marine Coatings is hands down the best option to fulfil your antifoul requirements. Don't cut corners if you don't need to. Antifoul quality can vary hugely from painter to painter - from the quality of the actual paint used through to the thickness put on your boat; from the skill in preparation through to the method of the application process, don't get caught out !!!

We have the experienced staff with a dedicated Antifoul team who remove, prepare, re-apply and restore antifouling on all types of vessels from steel, wood, fibreglass and more.


Using Propspeed will greatly reduce your fuel consumption and save you money. The fuel savings vary from vessel to vessel depending on hull shape and appendages but the fuel savings are significant and the performance of your boat will increase dramatically.

We are a recognised Propspeed applicator, a product recognised worldwide and a must for all boat owners.

The key benefits include:

  • Faster motoring
  • Faster sailing
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Reduced motor/engine strain
  • Anti-corrosive benefits
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